Inspired Journeys... The New book


Painting journeys of inspired reflection, I aspire to capture the essence of what it means to fully embrace our world. Luminous villages snug in tiny hamlets, vistas in resonance with their culture. My belief is that we inhabit a global home I love with such intensity that dreams are possible. I want to paint this enchantment that cultivates a delight.

Journey with me in this very real, yet magical wonderment of what it is to care deeply.

Inspired means to be "in spirit". Spirit is the life breath we are each given that allows our human form. Our life journey is supported in the nurturing cradle of mother earth our home.

Illuminate Resonate Embrace

I wish to focus on the underlying vitality and energy of our aliveness. A celebration of the elements, merging, uplifting, embraced.

I feel a relationship with the source of our aliveness. The journeys of connectedness I feel and discover within my dreams and travels  inspire a deep reverence a gratitude for this awareness.                  Jill

The paintings and stories of more than 80 paintings from eight collections. This anthology spans 15 years and includes works from The American South West, The North West, France, Italy, India, Tibet, Flowers&Gardens & Inspired Journeys.

Full colour images, many full page and double page spreads, give a whimsical and soul filled view of Jill’s magical world.  Remembrances of places lived and experienced are shared with a passion.

Nice things people are saying.....

Jill your paintings inspire me to relax more and be good to  myself more and they give me peace.  Especially the Angel one.  You are truly a great Canadian artist and I tell anyone who is coming your way to go to your gallery on Salt Spring Island.   I love the colours and the whimsical way you see things and can then recreate them on the canvas.  You are truly remarkable.  I am so glad I found your work all those years ago and now have several paintings in my home. 

Judy Pape

The paintings of Jill Louise Campbell delight one's soul.  The joyous use of colour, the delicious touches of gold, the hauntingly lovely locations that evoke emotions, memories or dreams and last but never least, the wonderful stories that are often behind their creation. How could one not fill ones home with them? -

Wendy C. Giffen, author.

I have always loved and admired Jill’s eloquence in naming her pieces. I sigh whenever a new title emerges, so deeply reflective of the soul of each painting. 
Jill has a rare capacity to transform a lifetime of spiritual and visual journeys through the world’s diverse cultures, land and seascapes literally before our eyes. Her work is intriguing, illuminating, at times whimsical and always magical.

Linda Kavelin Popov, author

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     I love that there is a place in my country which can embrace Robert Bateman and

Jill Louise Campbell simultaneously.  It’s called Salt Spring Island. 

    Bateman’s work is breathtaking in its exactitude.  His cougar breathes.  You feel the mist on your face from the orca’s blowhole.  You pray that the grizzly doesn’t notice you, though its ancient, pitiless eyes seem about to lock on yours.

     Jill Louise Campbell is the opposite.  Her works are whimsical, joyous, embracing and fantastical.  Before I met her I believed her paintings were the distilled essence of my home, Salt Spring.  And they are – but that’s not the half of it.  She has lived – and absorbed –  Quebec and Copenhagen, Paris and Santa Fe.  Her work reflects her time in Tibetan monasteries, Tuscan vineyards, Irish crofts and Punjabi villages.  She communes with shamans, Chagall and Klimt.

     And now she writes books as well?  Not fair.  Not fair.

                                                                                      Arthur Black

"Luminous journeys, indeed inspired, weave through Jill Campbell's book. 

Her paintings, as well as her own stories, are soul stirrings shared with care. 

The result is a book hypnotic with colour and vibrant light. A real treat."

                ~Raffi Cavoukian, singer, author, founder of Centre For Child Honouring

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